Candidate Logsdon Responds to Fischer’s This Just In Posting on Steve Taylor

In what is starting out to be a fascinating start to the 9th District County Supervisor election coming this April. Opposition candidate Patti Logsdon responded to a one sided advertisement for the incumbent Steve Taylor written in Kevin Fischer’s “This Just In .. Franklin, WI“.

Patti Logsdon

Hello Mr. Fischer,

In response to Steve Taylor’s remarks in the “This Just in…From Franklin, WI blog post on 2/6/18, I’d like to respond with the following:

Supervisor/Alderman Taylor should be concerned about his re-election prospects. Taylor continues to vote hand in hand with Marina Dimitrijevic and supporting the far left Working Families Party rather than with the conservative wing of the County Board. Taylor voted against requiring Supervisors to vote yearly on continuing the $30 Wheel Tax, instead supporting the tax and any increases without taking responsibility.

When elected I will work with all local elected officials from Franklin, Hales Corners and Oak Creek along with other county officials and State legislators to bring fiscal responsibility to the Milwaukee County Board. There is a new group of candidates who are willing to improve relations between the legislative and executive branch of Milwaukee County and I will join that movement.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Patti Logsdon
Candidate for Milwaukee County 9th Supervisor District

In my humble opinion this is not the Patti Logsdon that Steve Taylor faced last time. He now has a record that can be analyzed and questioned by an opposition candidate.

Something else to be observed. In the Dan Bice article that Kevin Fischer notes in his own  “This Just In”  posting.  Fiscal Conservative and County Supervisor Deanna Alexander, the most conservative member of the board is receiving donations from County Executive Chris Abele despite her opposition to many of his propositions.  Others on the board have noted about Abele and Alexander that they have “extremely different sets of values,” particularly on social issues. The two have been able to work together on the county budget and other county matters. Basically  stated it is because Steve Taylor is an hotheaded asshat while Alexander is not.