Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

AlderVisor Steve Taylor is a firm believer that elections and election results are the only proof of whether constituents think you are doing a good job. That is why up until now, he really doesn’t care what the neighbors of The Rock and the future Ballpark Commons project say or do. He does not have to answer to them in an election, neither as County Supervisor of the 9th District nor as the 4th District Alderman. The residents are NOT his constituents.

So that leads us to the upcoming election for 9th District County Supervisor in April,  where he is facing off with Patti Logsdon for a second time.

Well neighboring residents of subdivisions that are affected by the Rock (Ballpark Commons), now is the time to make your voice heard by putting your money where your mouths previously have been. Patti will need lots of financial support to overcome Taylor’s incumbent war chest. Count on Mike Zimmerman’s influence to continue to inflate the money he needs to run a successful campaign.

Consider creating a Political Action Committee, you can find more information about that (here). If you keep it under $2,500 per year there is no need to register the PAC. However as you creep up toward that amount, registration is required. Either way, check the link for more information.  This group could distribute flyers on their own to portray the information you have which may interest others who are the AlderVisors constituents in Hales Corners, Franklin and Oak Creek.

You may also consider donating to Patti Logsdon’s campaign directly.

“You have complaints from residents who live around there – You have a dozen or so called experts. They pick apart comptroller reports – They have nothing better to do! “

“If they don’t like this then they can throw us out! ”

“Oh by the way, I was re-elected, so there!”

“If people don’t like what I am doing, I would have one elected office NOT two!”

As I said, People – Put your money where your mouth is.

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