You Can’t Fight City Hall Folks!

It’s all over but the building of the Ballpark Commons. As one City Official put it “It’s a done deal”.

Like it or not, Mike Zimmerman has gotten what he wants.

The agenda for tomorrow nights Common Council meeting reads as follows:

Common Council Meeting Agenda

January 9, 2018

Item G3.   An Ordinance to Amend Section 15-3.0442 of the Unified Development Ordinance Planned Development District No. 37 (The Rock Sports Complex/Ballpark Commons) to Revise the District in the Following Manner: To Allow Additional Uses as Permitted Uses, Including but not Limited to Indoor/Outdoor Golf Driving Range, and Indoor/Outdoor Entertainment Uses, Music and Sporting Events; to Allow as a Special Use Small Engine Go Cart Racing; to Revise Certain District Standards Including but not Limited to Building Height and Building Setback Limits; to Include Additional More Detailed Site Information Pertaining to Public and Private Infrastructure Such as Streets, Parking Lots and Stormwater Management Facilities; to Include Additional More Detailed Site Information Pertaining to the Proposed Multi-Family Residential Apartments to be Located South of West Rawson Avenue, and to the Stadium, Indoor Sports Facility and the Retail/Office/Commercial Buildings to be Located North of West Rawson Avenue and to Allow Three Month Extension of the First Building Permit Time Limit in Condition Number 27 in Planned Development District No. 37, Ordinance No. 2016-2212 (7900 West Crystal Ridge Drive) (Ballpark Commons, LLC, Applicant, Zim-Mar Properties, LLC, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Department of Transportation and FF & E, LLC Property Owners).


Item G4. A Resolution Imposing Conditions and Restrictions for the Approval of a Special Use for a Proposed Outdoor Baseball/Soccer Stadium Use Upon Property Located at 7900 West Crystal Ridge Drive (Ballpark Commons LLC, Applicant).

Item G5. Standards, Findings and Decision of the City of Franklin Common Council Upon the Application of the Rock Sports Complex, LLC, for a Special Exception to Certain Natural Resource Provisions of the City of Franklin Unified Development Ordinance.