The Polasik's

 Nikolas Polasik                                Anna (Tobolski) Polasik

As told by their Grandson Paul S. Polasik

Both Anna and Nikolas came from the little village of Jasków, which was located in the Posen district--the west-central region--of today's Poland. ("Posen" is the germanized version of the Polish spelling, "Poznan".) Their respective families had lived there for many generations before them.

Anna and Nikolas were married in Poland and, in early 1872 they left their village and made their way as a couple to the port of Bremen where they booked passage on the "motor ship" S.S. HANSA. On March 4, 1872 the ship landed at New York City harbor (Ellis Island was still 20 years into the future!)--Nikolas and Anna were listed as passengers 501 and 502 on the HANSA's manifest.

From New York Nikolas and Anna made their way to Chicago.  They settled in and began their new life in America, starting their family here in "the windy city". Their first child , Stanley, was born there.

After a year or so they moved up to Brown County in Wisconsin where they acquired a farm which would become the family homestead, in the old settlement of Eaton.  It is here that they had their succeeding ten children: Leocadia (Carrie), Gertrude, John, Frank, Mary, Joseph, Polina (Pauline), Peter, Nicholas and Michael.

They were a founding family (in 1881) of Saint(s) Cyril & Methodius Church in Poland (Eaton), WI..

And, as it is said, the rest is history!
                                                                                     Paul Polasik
                                                                                    (Son of Nicholas)
                                                                                     December, 1994

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