The Liebl Family Chronicles

My Liebl Great Grandparents

   George Liebl Jr.            Anna (Kroeff) Liebl

George Liebl Jr.
Anna Liebl
Born: July 22, 1857
Born: September 2, 1860
Died: April 1, 1938
Died: December 11, 1940
Married:   July 24, 1883 - Holy Name of Jesus Parish - Sheboygan, WI

George Liebl, of the firm of Silbernagel & Liebl, undertakers, dealers in real estate, and proprietors of a livery,  feed and sale stable, is a native of Sheboygan whose birth occurred July 22, 1857.  His parents, George and Mary (Goehler) Liebl, were born in Bavaria, Germany,  coming to America in 1849.  The father was born in the state of Niederbayern, at Straubing,  April 26, 1826.  In Germany he was a coachman,  which position he filled until 1849,  when he emigrated to the United States, locating in Sandusky,  Ohio.  He spent a year in that city, and then came to Sheboygan.  Here he was employed in teaming until 1867, when he engaged in the sale of wines, liquors and cigars, still however, continuing the former business.

 George Liebl Sr., was married in Sheboygan, in 1855,  to Miss M. Magdelene Goehler,  who was born in Germany,  February 8, 1833, and came to America in 1854, with her parents.  They resided in Cincinnati, Ohio, at first and later in Philadelphia.  Both are now deceased.

 George Liebl Sr., was a democrat in politics,  serving two years as alderman.  In his religious views, he was Catholic, as was his wife. Their family consisted of nine children, seven of whom are living: Jacob, who is in business in Sheboygan; George Jr. who is the subject of this sketch;  Mary, the wife of A. J. Vollrath, of Sheboygan; John, who is engaged in gardening; Joseph, who is in the livery business; and Henry,  who is in business with his mother.  Mr. Liebl came to this country poor,  but by industry and economy,  accumulated a fine property.

 George Liebl Jr. was reared and educated in his native city, learning the machinist's trade, at which he was employed until entering upon his present business.

The firm of Silbernagel and Liebl established business in 1880, as livery men, and in September of 1892.  Opened an undertaking establishment. They kept two hearses, two hacks, and as many busses, also a number of single and double carriages,  with from twenty to twenty-five horses.  They also deal in real estate, which business they engaged in, in 1888 have platted and put on the market two additions to the city of Sheboygan,  namely that of Schwaller, Silbernagel and Liebl and one known as Silbernagel and Liebl's Addition.  Mssrs. Silbernagel and Liebl have a well appointed stable, fine horses and good rigs and are always prompt and accommodating in their treatment of customers in all lines of their business.

Mr. Liebl was married in Sheboygan, July 24, 1886, to Miss Annie Kroeff, a daughter of John Kroeff . four children were born of this marriage,  namely: Olivia , George, Edward, and Albert.

Note: After this was written, four more children were born: Frank, Angeline, Jenny, and Leo.

Taken from: Portrait and Bibliographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin - Excelsior Publishing Company - Chicago 1894

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